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About us

Professional IT support and Consulting

UK-IT Group Ltd is a company formed by like-minded experienced individuals with varied backgrounds in I.T. support and consultancy spanning over 30 years.


Having already worked in industries such as Law, Insurance, local Government and the National Health Service (NHS) to name just a few, the founders of UK-IT Group Ltd felt that small to medium businesses needed a service that could cover the multiple areas of I.T. required by a modern business, without the layers of red tape and cascade of I.T. managers that you often find in larger corporations.


We believed there was little point in wasting time and money asking an I.T. manger to tell the Team Leader to get a Supervisor to find someone with the correct knowledge to fix something. Why not just ask the person who is going to do it from the outset. It may seem obvious but unfortunately that was and still is how a lot of I.T. departments are structured.


But by combining our experienced I.T. team with a set of trusted distributors and service providers as and when required, we are able to offer an all-encompassing service scaled to fit your business budget, regardless of having 1 or 1000 computers and help get the most out of your I.T.


Contact us for a no obligation quote and see how UK-IT Group Ltd can help your company with its I.T., or simply view our other pages for a brief overview of what we can offer.

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